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Our in-house influencer marketing team will help you create quality content that performs and delights your customers

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Data-backed Strategy

Influencer strategy for your brand, within your budget

From a new product launch in a specific market vertical, to increasing your brand awareness more broadly, we’ll help you develop influencer and content strategy that’s aligned with your objectives, and distinguishes you from the competition.

Our AI-powered content discovery and analysis engine researches influencers with the greatest affinity to your brand and campaign objectives.

Impactful Campaigns

Content that performs and delights

Our custom campaigns will put your brand’s best and most impactful influencer  in front of the people you need to see it most – your customers.

From researching influencers with AI to find the ones with the greatest affinity to your brand, to campaign budgeting, managing negotiations, content creation, approvals, publishing, analytics  and tracking – we provide the best end-to-end influencer marketing solution. We’ll ensure that every piece of content is not only representative of your brand but also resonates with your target audience.

Performance based billing

We get paid for success

High quality influencer campaigns should be affordable for all brands, which is why we love to work with campaigns of all sizes starting with budgets as low as $10,000. This budget includes what we pay to creators on your behalf, as well as our campaign management fee.

What’s more, we charge a small 30% fee only once you approve the content for publishing. In other words, you only pay when you are happy! Have questions, feel free to reach us out and get a free brand audit.

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How it works?


Strategy consultation

We create an initial report from AI analysis of videos from your brand or your competitors. We take your team through the audit report and build campaign requirements, content brief and budgets.

Researching Influencers with AI

We use our AI-powered platform to find the best influencers that match your campaign requirements, their brand affinity, topics and content, and provide PDF reports for your approval

Campaign management

We manage and execute your campaign - from individually contacting influencers, exchanging campaign briefs, negotiating budget, sending product samples and payment escrow.

Content Approval and Publishing

Once influencers create content, it is provided for your approval before publishing. Creators are paid once the content is approved. We can optionally also publish content as paid ads.

Tracking and ROI Reporting

We track content engagement for influencers’ content on an ongoing basis, as well as content created by non-sponsored influencers or micro-influencers.
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