Discover deep insights from

social videos at scale

Vimix saves time in comprehending sentiment, tone and topics of 100s of user-generated videos and images matching your search criteria by using AI and Data Science.

What is the impact of 100s of social
media videos about your products?

Most consumers watch user-generated video reviews before buying

With 1000s of videos on Instagram and YouTube for every topic, it's difficult to discover, track and understand all the content being created about your brand, and how it impacts customers.

Vimix tracks and analyzes social videos about your products

Vimix saves time in understanding social videos at scale about your products using AI, to gain insights for optimizing video content creation, ads and influencer marketing.

What can Vimix Social Video AI

do for you?

Video Content and Sentiment Analysis

Gain deep insights from AI analysis of micro-influencers’ spoken words, facial expressions and user comments. Get video transcripts and summaries to quickly understand long videos.

Find out how positively or negatively social videos impact and influence your customers.

Influencer Marketing

Find the best influencers creating the most engaging videos about your brand. Work with them and acquire their videos for your next video marketing campaign. Export lists as PDF or Excel to quickly help you execute campaigns.

Competitor research

Discover what videos and influencers are saying about your competitors’ brands and products, globally, at scale. Use these insights for improving your own campaigns.

Brand monitoring

Track trending videos with positive or negative sentiment about your brand in real-time without watching. Vimix automates social video listening and analysis for your brand and products, powered by AI. Discover customer sentiment shifts and take action.

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