Intelligent Video Influencer Marketing

The Social Video AI platform that discovers the best influencers for your brand, executes impactful campaigns, tracks results and ROI

Watching tons of videos to find a few good influencers for your products?

Use AI to get insights from videos without watching

Watching videos to find influencers is time consuming. Vimix uses advanced AI, computer vision and data science to analyze 100's of hours of influencer videos related to your brand - at scale, and in multiple languages, without having to watch them all.

Search relevant influencers with advanced filters

Get a database of best video influencers by product category, language, region or subscriber count. Download as PDF or Excel reports and make influencer research and client proposals easy.

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How do you monitor and measure ROI of your video influencer campaigns?

Know what influencers are saying about your products

Set up automated AI Searches to receive 24/7 realtime monitoring reports of what customer and influencer videos are saying about your brand

Monitor the competition

Monitor and analyze your competitor's influencer videos in realtime, and apply useful insights and intelligence in your brand's next video campaign

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Boost E-commerce revenue with influencer videos

Get influencer videos in exchange for deals

Get engaging, cost-effective videos for your products from your best influencers in exchange for samples or deals

Increase conversions with influencer videos in E-commerce pages

Ditch the hassle of manual video embeds in your e-commerce pages - with Vimix you can easily embed and host from your video library or influencer videos, with a single embed code.

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