Collect and embed customer videos

in your website

Your customers trust user-generated videos up to 12x more compared to plain text reviews. Vimix makes it easy to collect, moderate and distribute customer videos

Collect Videos

Easily collect videos from your customers with custom incentives

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AI-powered Moderation

Support customers for problems, use customer videos for marketing.

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Distribute videos

Embed videos in your product pages, or fill up your social feeds

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Collect videos from

your customers

Your customers and micro-influencers love reviewing good products, they are already creating videos and photos for their own Instagram and Facebook pages.

But it is tedious to create incentives, ask for videos and manage or moderate video uploads.

Vimix enables a ready-to-use solution to get customer videos that is automated and seamlessly integrated with your favourite shopping site.

Automatic moderation using AI

Our AI powered solution finds the quality, content and sentiment in the video, without you having to watch it, enabling you to sort through videos at scale.

Take immediate actions to work with customers for complaints. Or, amplify amazing content for your other customers to watch.

Enable great videos on

marketing channels

Showcase videos on your social media using our social publishing feature.

Embed videos in your product pages using AI-powered content matching that shows relevant content that your customers are looking for.

Increase revenue by embedding video reviews in your e-commerce site

Embed on Home page

Encourage product discovery and decrease homepage bounce rate by building trust at the beginning of your buyer journey.

Embed on Category Page

Boost click through from category pages and search results by highlighting star ratings and product reviews.

Embed on Product page

Maximize conversions with customizable AI-powered review widgets that beautifully display your past shoppers’ opinions.

Embed on Checkout page

Decrease cart abandonment and upsell products by showing your best reviews and highly-rated products at checkout.

Customize Widget

Measure Impact

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